Legislative Updates - 2018 General Assembly Session

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Advocacy 101 & 102 Presentations

Advocacy 101 [PowerPoint Presentation]
  1. Why advocate?
  2. Who is my Legislator?
  3. Where do Legislators work?
  4. What is the Legislative Process?
  5. How do I communicate with my Legislator?
  6. When is the best time to advocate?
  7. The 11 Commandments of Advocacy.
Advocacy 102 [PowerPoint Presentation]
  1. Advocacy 101: Quick Review
  2. Turning concerns and Ideas into bills: What Legislators do.
  3. House and Senate Committees: The key to the floor
  4. Richmond: Navigating the General Assembly Buildings
  5. Advocacy during the Session: Over the Phone, Over the Internet, Over the Desk
  6. Did you say thank you?

The Giesen Perspective

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The Giesen Perspective follows the goings on in the Virginia State Legislature. The Giesen Perspective is written by the Hon. H.R. "Pete" Giesen and produced by Eldon James Associates and SR Consulting, Inc.