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Vehicular Mobility

Bills Committee Last action Date
HB 505 - Bell, Robert B. - Traffic signs; people with disabilities, posting of signs on certain roadways. (H) Committee on Transportation

(S) Committee on Transportation
(G) Acts of Assembly Chapter text (CHAP0432)03/23/18
notes: Allows any person who is deaf, blind, or deaf-blind, any person with autism or an intellectual or developmental disability, or the agent of any such person to request that the Department of Transportation (Department) post and maintain signs informing drivers that a person with a disability may be present in or around the roadway and directs the Department to post and maintain such signs in accordance with regulations developed by the Department.
HB 1285 - LaRock - Transportation project selection in Northern Virginia; public meeting. (H) Committee on Transportation

(S) Committee on Transportation
(G) Acts of Assembly Chapter text (CHAP0640)03/30/18
notes: Requires the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority, the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission, the Virginia Railway Express, and the Commonwealth Transportation Board to annually conduct a joint public meeting for the purposes of presenting to the public, and receiving public comments on, the transportation projects proposed by each entity in Planning District 8.
SB 87 - Surovell - Careless driving; cause of injury to vulnerable road user. (S) Committee on Transportation(S) Failed to report (defeated) in Transportation (6-Y 7-N)01/17/18
notes: Provides that a person who operates a motor vehicle in a careless or distracted manner and is the proximate cause of serious physical injury to a vulnerable road user, defined in the bill as a pedestrian or person riding a bicycle, electric wheelchair, electric bicycle, wheelchair, skateboard, skates, foot-scooter, animal, or animal-drawn vehicle, is guilty of a traffic infraction.
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