Adult Mental Health

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HB 1391 - Gooditis - Social Media, Commission on; established, report. (H)  Referral Pending(H) Committee Referral Pending11/28/22
notes: Establishes the 20-member Commission on Social Media in the legislative branch to study and make recommendations on the impacts and harms to citizens caused by social media platforms hosting or amplifying content that includes threats or suggestions of physical violence or danger toward citizens, institutions, groups, associations, or physical structures of the Commonwealth. The Commission will study the impact on citizens of dangerous and violent rhetoric, threats, harassment, doxing, intimidation, misinformation, disinformation, defamation, and deceptive practices of social media companies. The Commission will also study the impact of certain practices by social media companies, such as algorithmic amplification and target advertising, on citizens. The bill requires the Commission to report annually to the General Assembly on its activities and provides that the Commission will sunset on July 1, 2026.