Legislative Update

Top 10 Bills, 2016 Legislative Session

Bills Committee Last action Date
HB 2237 - Cline - State Inspector General, Office of the; "state agency" includes any local dept. of social services. (H) Committee on General Laws

(S) Committee on General Laws and Technology
(G) Acts of Assembly Chapter text (CHAP0590)03/16/17
notes: Extends the jurisdiction of the Office of the State Inspector General by way of amending the definition of "state agency" to include any board, bureau, commission, council, or instrumentality of a political subdivision of the Commonwealth funded 50 percent or more by state funds.

SB 1504 - Favola - Virginia Health Workforce Development Authority; career pathway. (H) Committee on Health, Welfare and Institutions

(S) Committee on Education and Health
(H) VOTE: DEFEATED (32-Y 66-N)02/16/17
notes: Directs the Virginia Health Workforce Development Authority to develop a curriculum in the field of geriatric health care.
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