Access to Health Care & Insurance

Bills CommitteeLast actionDate
HB 534 - Batten - State plan for medical assistance services; eligibility, social security disability income. (H) Committee on Health, Welfare and Institutions(H) Left in Health, Welfare and Institutions11/22/22
notes: Directs the State Board of Medical Assistance Services to amend the state plan for medical assistance to disregard, for the purposes of eligibility determination, any social security disability income received by the person.
HB 651 - Kory - Individuals w/ intellectual disabilities; DMAS to report on use of community intermediate care. (H) Committee on Health, Welfare and Institutions(H) Left in Health, Welfare and Institutions11/22/22
notes: Directs the Department of Medical Assistance Services to report annually by December 1 of each year to the Governor and the Chairmen of the Senate Committees on Education and Health and Finance and Appropriations and the House Committees on Health, Welfare and Institutions and Appropriations regarding utilization of community intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities in the Commonwealth and to make such report available to the public on a website maintained by the Department.
HB 1075 - Leftwich - Health care provider panels; vertically integrated carriers, reimbursements to providers. (H) Committee on Commerce and Energy(H) Left in Commerce and Energy11/22/22
notes: Requires any vertically integrated carrier, upon written request, to offer participation in each requested provider panel or network established for each of the vertically integrated carrier's policies, products, and plans, including all policies, products, and plans offered to individuals, employers, and enrollees in government benefit programs, to the requesting provider under the same terms and conditions that apply to providers under common control with the vertically integrated carrier. The measure requires that the offered participation (i) be without any adverse tiering or other financial incentives that may discourage enrollees from utilizing the services of the provider, (ii) include all sites and services offered by the provider, and (iii) take into account the different characteristics of different providers with regard to the range, nature, cost, and complexity of services offered. The measure prohibits an officer or director of a vertically integrated carrier from simultaneously serving as an officer or director of an entity that owns, operates, manages, or controls an acute care hospital located, in whole or in part, in the Commonwealth. The measure defines "vertically integrated carrier" as a health insurer or other carrier that owns an interest in, is owned by, or is under common ownership or control with an acute care hospital facility, excluding an entity that is under the ultimate control of or under common control with a public hospital.
HB 1375 - Greenhalgh - Health insurance; tobacco surcharge. (H)  Referral Pending(H) Committee Referral Pending10/17/22
notes: Eliminates the authority of a health carrier to vary its premium rates based on tobacco use. Under current law, a health carrier may charge premium rates up to 1.5 times higher for a tobacco user than for a nonuser. The provisions of the bill apply to health benefit plans providing individual or small group health insurance coverage entered into, amended, extended, or renewed on or after January 1, 2024.
SB 293 - Deeds - Certificate of public need; conditions related to inpatient psychiatric services and facilities. (S) Committee on Education and Health(S) Left in Education and Health11/21/22
notes: Requires the Commissioner of Health (the Commissioner) to impose conditions related to the provision of care to individuals who are the subject of a temporary detention order on certificates of public need for projects involving inpatient psychiatric services and facilities and provides that when determining the public need for a proposed project involving an inpatient psychiatric service or facility, the Commissioner shall not take into consideration existing inpatient psychiatric services or facilities or the impact of approving the application and issuing the certificate of public need for the proposed project on an existing inpatient psychiatric service or facility if the existing inpatient psychiatric service or facility does not provide an adequate amount of service to individuals who are subject to a temporary detention order, as determined by the Commissioner in accordance with regulations of the Board of Health (the Board). The bill directs the Board to adopt regulations establishing a process by which the Commissioner shall annually establish the amount of services for individuals who are subject to a temporary detention order that an existing inpatient psychiatric service or facility must provide.
SB 340 - Barker - Freestanding emergency departments; Bd. of Health to promulgate regulations related to departments. (S) Committee on Education and Health(S) Left in Education and Health11/21/22
notes: Requires the Board of Health to promulgate regulations related to freestanding emergency departments, defined in the bill as facilities located in the Commonwealth that (i) provide emergency services, (ii) are owned and operated by a licensed hospital and operate under the hospital's license, and (iii) are located on separate premises from the primary campus of the hospital. The bill also requires freestanding emergency departments to make certain disclosures to patients, in advertisements, and on any online platforms associated with such emergency department.
SB 636 - Cosgrove - Hyperbaric oxygen therapy; data collection. (S) Committee on General Laws and Technology(S) Left in General Laws and Technology11/21/22
notes: Allows the Department of Veterans Services (the Department) to contract with any hospital in the Commonwealth that furnishes the treatment option of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to provide hyperbaric oxygen therapy to any veteran in the Commonwealth who has been certified by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs or any branch of the United States Armed Forces as having post-traumatic stress disorder or traumatic brain injury. The Department shall include in any contract with such hospital to furnish hyperbaric oxygen therapy the requirement that data be collected to assess the efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for veterans and any other information deemed relevant by the Department.
SB 676 - DeSteph - Associate physicians; licensure and practice. (S) Committee on Education and Health(S) Left in Education and Health11/21/22
notes: Authorizes the Board of Medicine to issue a two-year license to practice as an associate physician to an applicant who is 18 years of age or older, is of good moral character, has graduated from an accredited medical school, has successfully completed Step 1 and Step 2 of the United States Medical Licensing Examination, and has not completed a medical internship or residency program. The bill requires all associate physicians to practice in accordance with a practice agreement entered into between the associate physician and a physician licensed by the Board and provides for prescriptive authority of associate physicians in accordance with regulations of the Board.
SB 751 - Dunnavant - Standardized Health Care Academy Program; established. (S) Committee on Finance and Appropriations(S) Left in Finance and Appropriations11/21/22
notes: Establishes the Standardized Health Care Academy Program for the purpose of providing training and opportunities to high school students in health care professional programs that are offered by associate-degree-granting public institutions of higher education. The bill directs the State Board for Community Colleges to establish the Program and work with the Department of Education in setting out parameters for the Program.