Other Legislation

Bills CommitteeLast actionDate
HB 595 - Krizek - Disability Rights Advocacy, Special Assistant to the Governor for; position created, report. (H) Committee on General Laws(H) Left in General Laws11/22/22
notes: Creates the position of Special Assistant to the Governor for Disability Rights Advocacy (the Special Assistant) for the purpose of representing Virginians with disabilities in a comprehensive and authoritative manner by ensuring that all state agencies provide adequate services, resources, and accommodations to such persons. The bill directs the Special Assistant to submit an annual report to the Governor on or before December 1, through the Secretary of Health and Human Resources, that (i) outlines the key issues and problems discovered within state agencies that impact people with disabilities; (ii) identifies the details of any plan of action implemented by the Special Assistant to address and remediate such issues and problems; (iii) provides legislative recommendations that would improve processes and procedures across all state agencies with regard to the provision of services, resources, and accommodations to people with disabilities; and (iv) details such other matters as required by the Governor.
HB 1074 - Leftwich - Rabies vaccination; titer test, certification. (H) Committee on Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources(H) Left in Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources11/22/22
notes: Directs the Board of Health to develop, by regulation, an exemption to the rabies vaccination requirement for animals if a licensed veterinarian certifies in writing that the vaccine would endanger the animal based on an underlying medical factor and a titer test indicates a sufficient level of immunity to rabies. The bill provides that such certification is valid for a period of one year and serves as proof of vaccination.
HB 1366 - Head - Executive branch agencies; posting of regulations. (H)  Referral Pending(H) Committee Referral Pending07/18/22
notes: Requires all executive branch agencies to submit on the Virginia Regulatory Town Hall at each stage of the regulatory process any agency action that would otherwise be exempt from the provisions of Article 2 ( 2.2-4006 et seq.) of the Administrative Process Act ( 2.2-4000 et seq.). The bill contains technical amendments.