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Our Mission

The Virginia Association of Area Agencies on Aging (V4A) maximizes the capacity of its member agencies to enhance the quality of life for all Virginians by enriching the lives of older adults, individuals with disabilities, caregivers and communities in need of supports and services.

Who We Are

V4A is a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization established in 1976 to provide the following:

    • Takes positions on relevant state & federal initiatives.
    • Provides public education relevant to the needs of older Virginians.
    • Acts as a liaison between national and state organizations and the Area Agencies on Aging.
    • Serves as a link with the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services and other public and private organizations promoting aging issues.
    • Provides a network of information exchange among the Area Agencies on Aging.
    • Promotes training and education activities.
    • Provides opportunities for development of creative ideas, resources and discussion of potential solutions to problems faced by older Virginians.

V4A believes that there should be resources necessary to maintain a range of locally determined support services for older Virginians and their families.

V4A believes these services should help supplement family care in the setting of choice with the assurance of quality.

V4A believes care of the elderly is a family issue, impacting lifestyles, job performance and financial well-being.

The Virginia Association on Area Agencies also utilizes federal, state, local and private resources to operate the statewide Senior Medicare Patrol.

What We Do

V4A is a network of the 25 local area agencies on aging in Virginia. Find your local AAA for more information on resources available in your community.

Advocate for the resources and policies that will allow its members to help provide the choices older adults need to lead meaningful lives.

Improve the capacity of its members to better serve and represent older adults and their caregivers through information, education, training and technical assistance.

Promote the critical roles AAAs play in helping older persons and their caregivers.

Be a focal point for its members in the development and implementation of a statewide system of home and community-based services and supports and long term care, building upon the existing aging network.

Facilitate cooperative relationships among the aging network, other public agencies, and private sector organizations to develop an accessible and comprehensive system of services.

Making Virginia “Elder Ready”

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